Toke waterfront 

Drangedal municipality wishes to further develop the Prestestranda area and the Toke waterfront. Springer Kulturstudio and Feste Landscape have developed the project for Drangedal municipality. The project, running over a four-year-period, will focus on developing the area whilst focusing on maintaining and revitalising the existing building mass. The plan of the area also contains a new pier, a walking path, architectural installations, various activities linked to the lake, new apartments, street art, cultural experiences and an activity area.

Feste Landscape and Springer Kulturstudio are collaborating with Tørdal Design in further developing the project. The architects Bart Bourgerhoudt from Point and Grethe Haustveit from Planhuset are also central contributors in relation to the project’s planning aspect. Grenland Dansekompani, Guro Dale, Dag Jenssen, Veps Media, Drangedal Theatre Group, Leif Arild Sanden and Vidar Ytre-Arne were all important participants during the Drangedalsdagane-fair in 2011. The outdoor exhibition UKRUTT made the Drangedalsdagane-fair in 2012 exiting and international with the artists Luke Ramsey (Canada), Carol Hummel (USA), Sisyfoss Minigolfclub (Oslo), Ånond Versto (Vinje), Bjørn Kowalski (Oslo), and tasty together with the baker Siv Svolsbru and local foodproducers Holte and Løite farms and Iduns Foodhouse.

A big thank you to Sissel, Stian and Sondre Dukefoss for letting us use their house and back garden, and for their important work in regard to maintaining their old and beautiful built surroundings.




Project info:

Client: Drangedal municipality
Location: Drangedal, Norway
Project developer: Feste Landscape and Springer, in collaboration with 3753% Tørdal
Project manager: Gunn Marit Christenson, Springer
Landscape architect: Feste Landscape
Graphic design: 3753% Tørdal
Artists Ukrutt: Bjørn Kowalski, Ånond Versto,Luke Ramsey, Carol Hummel, Sisyfoss Minigolfklubb