Seljord and the legends

Into The Landscape

The 15 metre high tower is situated in beautiful surroundings by the lakeside close to the centre of Seljord. Designed by Rintala Eggertsson Architects, the tower will have openings and platforms on each level, allowing visitors to take in the magnificent view of the lake and the surrounding landscape.

The two tall pine trees by the water at Bjørgeøyan have been the anchor point in the design development of the “Tower”. To conclude the walk through the cultivated land a platform will be placed perpendicular to the walking path. This is done in order to create a physical border between land and water. This platform can also represent the border between the known reality and the unknown life under the shiny surface of the lake. The construction comprises of a platform between the two pines, a small room and the tower, which you can climb up and look into the landscape.

During the project Into the Landscape, art installations have been built at four different locations around the Seljord Lake. Three of these were built during an international workshop in the autumn of 2009, where art and architectural students from ten different countries participated in building the sauna in Vebekkdalen, the Fishing Point at Telnesøyan and the lookout point at Grindekleiv. The Tower is the last part of  Into the Landscape and was constructed here at Bjørgeøyan in the autumn of 2011.


Seljord and the surrounding areas of northwestern Telemark have a rich oral tradition that is still very much alive. We wish to tell the tales and legends about the Seljord landscape at selected locations around the Seljord Lake in new and exciting ways. These include a walking path with designated stopping places, a storytelling mobile service and art installations. We hope to give you an insight into the diverse landscape of Seljord.

The tales of the serpent in the Seljord Lake have been told since 1750 and have been passed down in true oral fashion, being only partly written down. It is the fact that eyewitnesses come forth providing their full name, date and location of the sighting that gives the sightings and stories their credibility

The cultivated landscape at Bjørgeøyan, which belongs to the farm Nordigard Bjørge, is part of the old riverside between the main road E134 and the Seljord Lake. Here Leiv and Solrun Bjørge own a Bed & Breakfast, and run a farm with the distinctive Telemark cattle.  On the neighbouring property lies Seljord Camping with a beach and cabins for rent.




Project info:

Location: Seljord, Norway
Client: Seljord municipality
Head architects: Rintala Eggertsson    
Landscapearchitects: Feste Landscape
Coordinators: Springer Kulturstudio and Feste Landscape  
Builders: Skorve