new medical university, India

With support form the Norwegian embassy in Dehli, we have been appointed to complete a proposal for a master plan for the new medical university in Chauntra, India. We will be working closely with the Tibetan refugee society and Men Tsee Khang.

The preservation of identity and local qualities, in addition to finding good planning solutions are imperative. This is achieved by utilising the results of our site analysis investigation. 

A key focus point for the project is a strong desire from all parts involved to exchange knowledge, forming and building identity. We believe it will be of great importance to have a balanced perspective of the relationship between landscape, architecture and people, thus maintaining the Tibetan culture. The Norbulinka Institute has been an inspiration in the realization of the connection between culture, religion, landscape architecture and architecture and we hope to work with them on this project. When building the new medical university it is of major importance that project management, working management and workers have the necessary professional skills required for the assignment. The exchange of knowledge and networking between Tibetans, Indians and Norwegians are fundamental to the process. 





Location: Chauntra, Indian Himalaya
Client:  Men Tsee Khang
Support from:  The Norwegian Embassy in Delhi
Landscape architect: Feste Landscape
Project period: 2009-2011