Kviteseid in the future - workshop

The workshop in Kviteseid, Norway, is part of the Kviteseid in the future project, initiated by Kviteseid municipality and Feste landscape architects. Three design teams, consisting of young architects and artists were given seperate briefs, all to be completed in ten days.


_ Design and build a park pavilion
_ ‘The street as museum’
_ Curate an exhibition in the storehouse


David Fjågesund and Tim Larsen Kvingedal (Park pavilion) _ Charlotte Rostad and Trygve Ohren (‘The street as museum’) _ Aleksander Oldrup Jensen and Andreas Utklev Førsund (exhibition in the storehouse)

Park pavilion

The new park pavilion is a light timber frame structure wrapped in1,2 kilometres of white rope. The 12 mm rope is tied to a steel frame for every 30 metres with a bowline knot. The wall of rope creates a transparent backdrop, and the surrounding buildings consequently become an integral part of the design. The pavilion was designed and built in ten days by David Fjågesund and Tim Larsen Kvingedal.

The street as museum

The ‘museum’ consists of three ranks of ochre flags crossing the Kviteseid High street, as well as ten framed drawings and wooden objects. The drawings and objects are based on observations, conversations and stories from Kviteseid. The art project focuses on the history and identity of Kviteseid, seen through the eyes of an outsider. First impressions and random meets play a vital role. The framed drawings and objects are distributed along the Kviteseid High street and in some of the backyards.

Exhibition in the storehouse

The exhibition focuses on the current situation in the town centre of Kviteseid, and displays ideas and proposals for future developments. The exhibition also encourages the public to participate in the debate, either by filling out a postcard or taking part in the discussion on social media.

Twitter and Instagram #KvaNo (What now?)




Project info:

Location: Kviteseid sentrum
Client: Kviteseid municipality
Coordinators: Feste Grenland AS, Elisabeth Lid
Architects: David Fjågesund, Tim Larsen Kvingedal, Andreas Førsund, Aleksander O. Jensen, Trygve Ohren
Artist: Charlotte Rostad  
Project period:  June 2014
Collaborators: Kviteseid municipality, Telemarks county municipality, Feste landscape architects, Framtidens Bygder, National Association of Norwegian Architects (NAL), Zero, and TreFokus