the Songa and trolldalen dams

Songa and Trolldalen are two large rock-fill dams in Vinje, Norway. They have both been renovated according to the new safety regulations. The sides of the dams have been reinforced and a new toe of dam has been completed. Feste Grenland has assisted in this process, and made sure all the new measures comply with the overall landscape plan for each of the two dams.

The work on the overall landscape plan commenced in the autumn of 2000. Plans for securing the dams were drawn up, and volumes and terrain masses were calculated. Feste Grenland worked with placing quarries in the landscape and expanding the old ones. Feste also suggested measures to shield the quarries from view. They looked at how terrain modelling could give smoother transitions in the landscape. Finally, they used revegetation as a tool to minimize the scars in the landscape. 





project info:

Location: Vinje, Norway
Client: Statkraft
Project period: 2000
Project manager: Jon Aarbakk, Statkraft
Landscape architect: Feste Grenland AS
Contractor: Skansa