Cabin in svartdal

Cabin project in the mountains of Svartdal, Seljord municipality. A key aspect of the design process has been to adjust the building to its surrounding landscape. The orientation of the building is based on prevailing wind direction, which is essential due to the vast amount of snow in winter. With more closed north and east facing facades, the west facing glass facade opens up towards the impressive view of the valley below.

 The 60 m2 design includes two bedrooms, bathroom, open kitchen/living room, sleeping area on the first floor and a separate loo (incinerating toilet). Compact design solutions allowing a smaller footprint, along with locally produced building materials have been prioritised throughout the process. 



Project info:

Location: Svartdal, Telemark
Client: Private
Architect: David Fjågesund, Feste Grenland AS
Project period:  2014-2015
Contractors: Torkjell Flatland